About Us

I've always been a very confident, independent workaholic person until 5 years ago when I started suffering with severe pain in my spine. However around the same time, I also found out I was pregnant, this meant all scans and x-rays had to be delayed and it would be a further 12 months before I discovered I suffered from degenerative disk disease, nerve damage due to compression and the onset of spinal arthritis.
I went from having a job I loved in child protection, a great social life and lots of friends, to having to being a single mum, giving up work, no social life, friends disappearing one by one, loosing my independence and most of my confidence too.
I hide my condition from a lot of people, if I'm in severe pain I stay indoors away from anyone that would see. I felt embarrassed to be like this at my age and it really had a big impact on my life.
I could feel myself sinking into a Depression which was made worse having the guilt of not being able to do everything my daughter wanted to do due to pain.

That is when I discovered crafting, it really has been great therapy for me and after a lot of encouragement I have started to build my dream handmade business.
I will never be able to go out to work full time and would struggle to even working part time as I never know from one day to the next what my pain level is going to be. But I want my daughter to be proud of me, I want to build something she will eventually become part of, everything I do now is for my daughter and I am determined to build my dream business into a success.

Thank you for reading, happy shopping.....